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Milky Plant's Vegan Milk Machine: Elevate Your Plant-Based Journey 

Crafting creamy, eco-friendly milk at home has never been this  easy and delightful. Say hello to MilkyPlant – Your Vegan Kitchen  Companion!

Crafting creamy, eco-friendly milk at home has never been this  easy and delightful. Say hello to MilkyPlant – Your Vegan Kitchen  Companion!

OK here’s what: I absolutely love milk ever since I was a child, I remember I  loved my milky chocolate in the mornings and throughout the years I have never abandoned this habit, only now the chocolate was substituted by a good and strong coffee and I drink it  a few times a day so if you say I cannot live without milk you are a hundred percent correct. Milk and I, a lifetime love affair…  

Then came the day I became a vegan and a new challenge presented itself:  What type of milk would I drink? Well, back in the day there were only one or two types of vegan milk available and let’s be honest, in the way back vegan milk wasn’t the best tasting thing in the world but a girl’s gotta drink her Americano, right? At least I do, if I wanna pull through my day without losing my marbles or pushing someone  to the edge of the cliff as well… 

chef jana pinheiro milky plants vegan milk

Vegan Plant Milk Homemade: How to make it?

So I’ve had the idea of making my own milk and decided to try making it by using nut bags which can be (read: will be!) messy and quite a lengthy process as well as a true patience tester and the result – well it wasn’t the best thing ever because the milk came out really grainy and  extremely thick and thinning it out by adding more water only made it more displeasing: a weak liquid that tasted like nothing mixed with water. Oh bummer. Yet, again… 

So quite recently I have decided that it was time to test  one of the newly launched milk machines, and so I did and yet again, the result was not quite what I was expecting, and down the drain went my hopes along with my weird tasting homemade milk.  

And so, to my absolute happiness and joy, the Milky Plant team got in touch with me  offering a milk machine maker to be tested, and that’s just what I did, with gusto!! And I must say without any doubt that I am absolutely in love! No, really, I mean it, I am in love! 

MilkyPlant is the wizard behind my vegan milk dreams! Crafting my own plant based goodness in under 3 minutes? It’s not just a kitchen feat; it’s a recipe  marvel! 

Coffee with Barista Oat Milk? Unleash All The Magic of Vegan Milk!

Now, let’s talk about versatility. Milky Plant isn’t just a milk maker; it’s a flavor sorcerer. Whether I’m in the mood for almond simplicity or a genius blend of cashews, rice, and oats for that barista-style magic (link to this recipe on their website) – this machine is my liquid alchemist.

chef jana pinheiro coffee milky plants vegan machine

Picture frothy concoctions that could rival a frappe from the fanciest coffee joint! And that is just one of the dozens of combinations of flavors one can make when using the Milky Plant.Think of  milk-chocolate drinks, fruity vitamins, and even savory vegetable broths! Yes, you read it correctly! The other day while making a recipe I realized I was out of veggie broth so I felt bold and added to my Milky Plant some cooked carrots I had laying around in my fridge, some celery, tomatoes and some leeks, put them all t work and when it was ready, I added to it some onion and garlic powder, some dried herbs and bam! There it was, a magnificent impromptu veggie broth made from small pieces of  leftover vegetables that would otherwise face a much darker fate down the soil compost box!

Is Vegan Milk Sustainable? Get To Know The Best Eco-friendly Option.

But it’s not just about the ease and speed; making your own milk or veggie drink is a commitment to sustainability and I’m all for that; just think a zero waste approach by repurposing the leftover ingredients for other delectable treats like cookies, cakes, smoothies and pies, like the orange and chocolate pie I’ve made the other day by reusing the leftover pulp from my homemade oat milk.

By making my own milk at home, I’m not just reducing waste, but also minimizing the use of milk cartons, contributing to lower carbon emissions. And as a cherry on top, for every Milky Plant machine sold, a tree is planted! That’s right, the team from Milky Plant will go out and plant a tree in partnership with Ecology. Now how cool is that? A milk that’s not just good for your health but also good for your conscience. 

How Easy It Is To Make Vegan Milk At Home? 

Yes, I know, making your own plant milk is wonderful but what about all that  cleanup? Well, fret not my lovely! MilkyPlant takes the hassle out of post-milk making chores with its self-cleaning feature. Just detach the blender’s sieve to  remove the leftover pulp, add more water, press a button and voila! They even  provide a perfectly designed brush to tackle every nook and cranny from the sieve effortlessly.

Delightful Daily Living 

In the rush of daily life, MilkyPlant ensures your vegan journey is as smooth as the milk you make. Now I am starting my day with a cup of creamy homemade milk, made by yours truly along with some strong coffee effortlessly incorporated into my routine. Homemade milk doesn’t just simplify my meals; it amplifies my joy due to the endless possibilities and recipes I can make, and the fact that I now make my own milk even gave me a boost for creating new recipes for my YouTube channel; so more creativity resulted in more productivity! Check and check!

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Is It Expensive to Make Vegan Milk at Home?

After testing (almost) all the recipe possibilities using my Milky Plant I can say that the machine met my expectations and went beyond what I was hoping for. 

The recipe variety, the fun and the fact they are so committed to the environment is what did it for me. One more thing I also loved about Milky Plant is how passionate the brand creators are. Every contact I’ve had with Michael and Nadina was always very nice, they were always ready and super excited to answer my questions, I could clearly feel how committed and proud they are with their product and this makes so much difference, to deal with committed people from a family owned company that has their products made locally is undoubtedly amazing.

Where to Buy a Vegan Milk Machine?

Alright, so the question now is, are you ready to join my milk making cult? So dive into the enchantment at website and oh, and because I’m feeling  extra generous – snag your own magic maker with a sweet discount, and use the coupon code CHEFJANA10 upon checkout for savings (10%) that taste almost sweeter than your homemade plant milk. Cheers to MilkyPlant – where my kitchen dreams come to life, one sip at a time!

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