A fancy but easy apples caramel dessert!

This caramel apple upside down pie is a must if you think about French food, especially when it comes to French desserts! It looks so classy and elegant and yet, it is simple to make and very inexpensive, just the way we love our recipes to be!

Enough chitchat! Here is the recipe!


• 5 to 6 peeled and cored Granny Smith Apples, cut into quarters and kept in lemon water until ready to use
• ¾ cup white sugar
• 4 ounces Vegan butter
• 1 cinnamon stick
• 3 cloves
• 1/4 cup sugar


  • 1.
    Precook the apples in water with the sugar. Cloves and cinnamon. Allow it to boil then simmer for 3 minutes. Drain the apples and reserve them.
  • 2.
    Make the dry caramel in an oven proof non-stick fry pan. Heat the sugar at medium-low heat. When the sugar turns golden brown, turn the heat off, add the butter, mix well and let it cool for about 15/20 minutes.
  • 3.
    Arrange the apples and cover them with the dough like the chef did in the video. Using a fork prick the dough a few times and bake for 15 to 20 minutes or until the dough is light golden brown.
  • 4.
    Remove the pie from the oven and turn upside down in a large plate.
  • 5.
    TIP: To make the apples shine you can brush some warm apple jelly or apricot jam. Serve with Vanilla ice creamor vegan creme fraiche
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