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The cauli cheese sauce that's good for everything!

Can you use a simple everyday superfood to make cheese? Yes, you can! Here is my amazing cauliflower cheese sauce that’s good for literally, everything! You won’t believe how creamy, cheesy and nutritious that is, not to mention how inexpensive and simple to make. You can flavor it up however you like, because this cheese is uber versatile. There is no more excuse not to have a vegan cheese, cuz this one is an absolute winner! Enjoy!

How to make vegan pulled pork using banana peel

How to make vegan pulled pork using banana peel – tofu coleslaw: From all the recipes I have made in my life this one is by far the most incredible of all. If you can imagine using something you otherwise would treat as waste to make food – read: delicious food – then you can begin to understand why this is so mindblowing. In this time of overbuying, overspending and over wasting, try to create food out of vegetable peels is something innovative creative and over the top healthy. Here is a homy comfort and a staple in American cuisine: Pulled pork sliders. Made with the banana peel. You wouldn’t believe how tasty and fun this is. Just try it out.

Summery basil and lemon vegan 'chicken' salad

This summery basil and lemon vegan ‘chicken’ salad is a perfect addition for a sandwich, or for having it on its own since its summery, light and extremely flavorful! I have used the good old brined jackfruit but you can use a raw jackfruit, simmer it, allow it to cool down then shred it. Try to avoid the seeds since they have a very distinct texture. Enjoy!

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I was born in a tiny city in the south of Brazil in a food-loving family where the kitchen was the heart of the house and all the action was happening around the dining table, always.
Growing up and observing my grandmother dispensing ingredients to the food as if she was a sorcerer, transforming just plain flour and water into the most scented and heartwarming of bread was something that transported me to another world. That’s how my love for food began. And has never left me.

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