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Do you think you can turn tofu into an amazing ground beef substitute? And the answer is yes!! YES, you can, with the right method and the right ingredients you can transform a simple block of tofu into this versatile and delicious ground beef that’s gonna get you hooked and you won’t want any other type of vegan meat, guaranteed. And what is more amazing is that from these meat you can make several other recipes, such as lasagna, meatballs, burgers, Bolognese pasta sauce, and pot pies!


Imagine the creamiest cheese, topped with a sultry smoked and savory ‘salmon’ that is actually made from a vegetable, and the aforementioned creamy cheese also made from plants! This vegan cheese and salmon terrine is the ultimate luxury and simple food that you can make by using easy to reach ingredients and transform them into an amazing starter dish that is going to wow you, your family and your guests! So check out the video and enjoy it!


Ok, if you ask me what type of food I really miss, I’d say there are quite a few but amongst the top 3, is a dessert that we always had during New Year Eve or Easter back in Brazil and it is called Pave, which is made from layers of a heavenly vanilla pastry cream, pineapples and either lady’s finger cookies or, in this case, leftover cakes or panettone and let me tell you, this dessert is so comforting, so delicious, so family pleasing that it feels like a hug in a bowl. Watch the video and see for yourself, how divine and easy to make this dessert is!

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One single ingredient that does it all!


According to Wikipedia, bread is one of the oldest prepared foods. Evidence from 30,000 years ago in Europe and Australia revealed starch residue on rocks used for pounding plants. It is possible that during this time, starch extract from the roots of plants, such as cattails and ferns, was spread on a flat rock, placed over a fire and cooked into a primitive form of flatbread. The world’s oldest evidence of bread-making has been found in a 14,500-year-old Natufian site in Jordan’s northeastern desert.

The best homemade cheeses – VEGAN

According to Julia Child ‘’One can never have enough butter’’. Well, I beg to differ, in my opinion, one can never have enough cheese. Vegan cheese, that is. Soft, hard, pungent, mild, fermented or not, you name it, cheese is that piece of comfort food that gives you an immediate sense of coziness.

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I was born in a tiny city in the south of Brazil in a food-loving family where the kitchen was the heart of the house and all the action was happening around the dining table, always.
Growing up and observing my grandmother dispensing ingredients to the food as if she was a sorcerer, transforming just plain flour and water into the most scented and heartwarming of bread was something that transported me to another world. That’s how my love for food began. And has never left me.

Today I use all that knowledge and love for cooking to develope delicious vegan recipes that will transport you to other countries or show you  a glimpse of my childhood favourite things.

Chef Jana Pinheiro Chef for vegan recipes
Chef Jana Pinheiro Chef for vegan recipes

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