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Those cinnamon rolls are delicious and ready in no-time at all! They are crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside… A real cozy dream for those gloomy, rainy and grayish fall days!


Those white coconut truffles are very creamy, delicate, and very affordable as they are made from… rice! That’s right, cooked rice, is so delicious and so easy to make!


Oh, what a delight, this recipe is! You are not going to believe that there is a cheese that tastes like caramel/dulce de leche, minus all the sweetness! This cheese is the famous Norwegian Brunost, a dark caramelized cheese made from whey, but I have veganized it and it turned out just amazing!

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Health benefits of Green Banana Biomass

One single ingredient that does it all!


According to Wikipedia, bread is one of the oldest prepared foods. Evidence from 30,000 years ago in Europe and Australia revealed starch residue on rocks used for pounding plants. It is possible that during this time, starch extract from the roots of plants, such as cattails and ferns, was spread on a flat rock, placed over a fire and cooked into a primitive form of flatbread. The world’s oldest evidence of bread-making has been found in a 14,500-year-old Natufian site in Jordan’s northeastern desert.

The best homemade cheeses – VEGAN

According to Julia Child ‘’One can never have enough butter’’. Well, I beg to differ, in my opinion, one can never have enough cheese. Vegan cheese, that is. Soft, hard, pungent, mild, fermented or not, you name it, cheese is that piece of comfort food that gives you an immediate sense of coziness.

Food and memories – What is this about?

If you are reading this then we are alike. We both love cooking. Well, not only cooking but food in all its variations. I use to say that cooking is like rearranging the flexible walls of reality, turn fantasy into reality and experience it with all five senses.

Food Fetish versus simplicity – Have to read!

You guys are about to find out first hand one of my cooking obsessions… I understand you’re jumping with anticipation but bear with me, this shall now be unveiled… 🙂

Where do vegans get their protein from?

The world is obsessed with protein. Vegans are bombarded with questions about where they get their protein from. All the time. As annoying as this question is (no one cared about how you got your protein before you went vegan) is is a very common doubt between nonvegans and understandably so considering we live in a fast food meat and dairy dominated society.

All about bees: Why are they dying and is honey vegan?

It’s not unusual for larger honey producers to cut off the queen bee’s wings so that she can’t leave the colony or to have her artificially inseminated on a bee-sized version of the factory farm “rape rack.” When the keeper wants to move a queen to a new colony, she is carried with “bodyguard” bees, all of whom—if they survive transport—will be killed by bees in the new colony. Large commercial operations may also take all the honey instead of leaving the 60 pounds or so that bees need to get through the winter.

The mysteries and mystique of mushrooms

I have always been obsessed – I could use a little less dramatic adjective here but how I feel about mushrooms is a borderline obsession. Yes, one of many I have, all related to food and cooking, you’re right… But before any judgments, I will explain why… Well, one of the facts that make mushrooms so fascinating to me is the fact that they cannot be classified either as plants or as animals. And they are most definitely not a hybrid between plants and animals, as some people like say mushrooms are.

These are the health benefits of kimchi

These benefits of kimchi are helpful to persuade you in finally giving this spicy fermented napa cabbage a try. Kimchi is eaten by Koreans so much this food is often seen in Korean movies and television shows alike. In fact, did you know as a tribute to this vegetable, locals often say “kimchi” instead of “cheese” whenever they have pictures taken?

How to make Ethiopian berbere spice and misr´wat

I have this fixation with spices and herbs and everywhere I go I try and buy some new flavors as well as some favorite old-time heroes. I believe that spices are the spinal cord of your food, it decides the structure and it distributes the flavors through the season branches.

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I was born in a tiny city in the south of Brazil in a food-loving family where the kitchen was the heart of the house and all the action was happening around the dining table, always.
Growing up and observing my grandmother dispensing ingredients to the food as if she was a sorcerer, transforming just plain flour and water into the most scented and heartwarming of bread was something that transported me to another world. That’s how my love for food began. And has never left me.

Today I use all that knowledge and love for cooking to develope delicious vegan recipes that will transport you to other countries or show you  a glimpse of my childhood favourite things.

Chef Jana Pinheiro Chef for vegan recipes
Chef Jana Pinheiro Chef for vegan recipes

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