Best potatoes ever👍😊

If you do not own a pressure cooker, you still can make this recipe, just follow the steps but cook the potatoes on medium-low heat for 15-20 minutes, stirring once in a while.

Enough chitchat! Here is the recipe!

• New potatoes
• 1 sliced red onion
• 1/2 sliced white onion
• 3 cloves of garlic, crushed
• 1 chopped tomato
• 1 bay leaf
• 1 bunch of spring onions
• 1 bunch of parsley
• A pinch of black pepper
• 1 teaspoon chili flakes
• 4 tablespoons olive oil (or water or veggie broth if youre oil free)
• 1 tablespoon butter or margarine (or water or veggie broth if youre oil free)
• 1 teaspoon of oregano
• 1 teaspoon of sweet paprika
• 1 tablespoon of Brazilian seasoning blend
• salt to taste
• 1 tablespoon of vegan mayo - optional


  • 1.
    Turn on the heat to medium high, add the oil and butter, add the onions, garlic, parsley, spring onions, the Brazilian seasoning blend and the bay leaf, to your pressure cooker and stir for 2 minutes. If the pressure cooker is electric, set to brown.
  • 2.
    Add the remainder of the ingredients, stir to combine, close your pressurecooker. If manual, leave it for 4 minutes when pressure is on. If your pressure cooker is electric, set it to manula, high pressure, 4 minutes.
  • 3.
    When the 4 minutes is passed, manually remove the pressure from your pot, and serve it with a tablespoon of mayonnaise, this step is optional but it makes the potatoes even better.
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