15-minute gluten-free.

Transform simple vegetables into these amazing gluten-free cheese & veggie savory muffins! This idea is brilliant because not only you can use any type of veggie you have but also because you can mix and match depending on the season of the year and of course, make it gluten-free which is what we love!

Enough chitchat! Here is the recipe!


• 1 tablespoon of olive oil
• 1 cup of chopped onions
• 1 large zucchini, chopped
• 1 cup of chopped carrots
• 1/2 cup of hard vegan cheese
• About 1 cup of flour - any type of flour
• Salt to taste
• Black pepper to taste
• 1 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
• 1/2 cup of frozen spinach, squeezed and minced
• 1/4 cup water, veggie broth, or unsweetened vegan milk


  • 1.
    Add the olive oil to a skillet and over medium heat, add the onions, when golden, add zucchini and salt, saute for 2 minutes, add the carrots, saute for about 2 minutes more, add the minced spinach, and black pepper, and sauté until golden brown and with absolutely no liquid in the bottom of the pan.
  • 2.
    When ready, add the veggies to a bowl, and allow it to cool completely.
  • 3.
    When the veggies have cooled completely, add any type of flour, salt, baking powder, then add water, veggie broth, or unsweetened vegan milk
  • 4.
    Mix to incorporate, and adjust the amount of flour and water until the veggie batter reaches the desired consistency.
  • 5.
    Grease a muffin tin, distribute the muffin batter into the tin, and bake it for 15 -20 minutes at 180C / 356F
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