Soy Free - Nut Free.

As an alternative to nut cheeses, I have decided to put the good old oatmeal to test. If oatmeal can become a cake, well then it can become almost anything, correct?
Now, we start by making a homemade oatmeal milk. Yes, you could buy it but since the main goal here is to create a clean, homemade and free from chemicals kinda cheese, we can make the milk and be happy about that. You just blend the oats and water in a blender and strain it with the help of a tea towel or cheesecloth.
After this process is done, we now proceed to cook the milk with the remainder of the ingredients and create the most amazing and versatile soft cheese ever.
Alternatively, you can also flavor our cheese with the spice or herb of your choice. This can become a nice pimiento cheese, or a jalapeño cheese sauce, or a smoked cheddar style cheese... You name it, the possibilities are endless! The truth is, no matter how you choose to flavor it (or not, just plain is also superb) this cheese is perfect for a grilled cheese - my absolute favorite. And yours?

Enough chitchat! Here is the recipe!


• 1 cup of oat milk
• 1/4 cup olive oil
• 1 pinch of turmeric
• ½ teaspoon of salt
• 1/5 (a pinch) of teaspoon of white pepper
• 3 tablespoons of nutritional yeast
• Lemon juice
• 1 and ½ tablespoons of sour starch


  • 1.
    Blend the ingredients for the oatmeal milk, and pass it through a cheesecloth.
  • 2.
    Add one cup of the oatmeal milk to a pot and add the remainder of the ingredients, stir for 5 minutes in medium heat.
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