According to Wikipedia, bread is one of the oldest prepared foods. Evidence from 30,000 years ago in Europe and Australia revealed starch residue on rocks used for pounding plants. It is possible that during this time, starch extract from the roots of plants, such as cattails and ferns, was spread on a flat rock, placed over a fire and cooked into a primitive form of flatbread. The world’s oldest evidence of bread-making has been found in a 14,500-year-old Natufian site in Jordan’s northeastern desert.

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Whenever I think about comfort food but I also want a little bit of a humf, I think of Indian food. Well, Indian curries, more specifically speaking. There is something calming and soothing about Indian curries, the taste of the fresh vegetables mixed with those ticklish aromatic spices immediately transport me into the realm of calmness and I instantly feel like I just got warmly hugged.

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